Different Bathroom Renovations

What bathroom renovations are possible? What are the best bathroom renovations for return on investment or boosting the value of the home are your goal? Which bathroom renovations can improve the usability and general appeal of your home?

Installing a Whirlpool Bath

Installing a whirlpool bathroom is one of the least desired renovations of master bathrooms, so this type of renovation project has a very low return on investment. A deep Jacuzzi tub may be attractive to you at the end of the day, but it won’t be worth as much to a home buyer. YMM Contracting Inc. can advise on options for upgrading your bathtub without spending a fortune you won’t recoup when you sell the home.

Shower Renovations

A 360° shower is a fad in bathroom renovations, but a better choice is to install showerheads that can switch from a gentle shower to a hard massaging jet. Steam showers have a very poor return on investment.

Installing water proof green-board in a shower renovation is essential in an older home, so that cracks in the shower tile don’t lead to a need to rip out walls to clear out rot and fungus later.

Universal Design

Universal design or UD refers to designing a home that can be used by anyone of any age or level of physical ability. This doesn’t have to take the form of obvious bars installed around toilets and showers or putting in a walk in bathtub, though universal design includes these options. Bathroom renovations take utilize universal design concepts include large showers with gently sloping floors that let you walk in (or roll in a wheelchair) but can be used by anyone else, as well. It is wise to include universal design elements into account when you redo a bathroom, such as replacing light switches with broad buttons and door knobs with levers and handles that don’t require dexterity to operate. Another version of this is replacing faucet knobs with broader levers.

Another form of universal design is making everything in the bathroom accessible no matter how large they are or what support equipment they need. Opening up the area around the toilet so that a heavier person or someone with a walker can reach it is a good idea, especially if you want to live in the home for the rest of your life. Widening doorways to the bathroom during a remodel make the home more accessible.

YMM Contracting Inc. has the expertise to upgrade your bathrooms during renovation so that you don’t have to renovate them again in a few years so you can stay in your home.

Adding Another Bathroom

If you have a three bedroom one bathroom home in a neighborhood filled with three bedroom two bathroom homes, adding a second bathroom is nearly a 100% return on investment. How much it contributes to your family’s sanity by eliminating fighting over the bathroom is a matter of opinion.

Know what the housing market around you is like. Add one bathroom if your home only has one. If your home has two bathrooms and the neighborhood is full of three bedroom three bath homes, adding another bathroom can add value to your home and reduce competition between the children, but the ROI is less than the value of that second bath.

If your home has a half-bath, consider bumping out the half bathroom into a full bathroom as long as it doesn’t take away space from the master suite. Your half bath to full bath conversion should never come at the cost of master bedroom floor space, because most home buyers won’t want a master bedroom the size of a children’s bedroom even if it comes with a luxury bathroom.

If your home has only one bathroom, don’t upgrade it – add another one. That’s a better use of your money.

Updating Bathrooms

The average bathroom remodel yields a 60% to 65% rate of return. However, the value depends on how well the bathroom fits modern expectations. For example, many home buyers are looking for master bathrooms with two sinks. That’s why updating a master bathroom to add a second sink has a very good return on investment.

Great lighting is another excellent bathroom remodeling idea. People love bright lighting, and the cost of new fixtures is low compared to ripping out walls or replacing wall coverings.

If your bathroom contains carpet, a mid-priced update is replacing the carpet with tile. Bathroom updates can include replacing broken tiles, cleaning the existing walls of tile thoroughly and re-grouting, but a minor bathroom renovation doesn’t involve replacing all the tiles due to the high cost of both materials and labor.

Upscale Bathroom Renovations

An upscale bathroom renovation would include putting in a new toilet, installing a new tub with tile surround, replacing or upgrading the double sink, putting in a recessed medicine cabinet, putting in a ceramic tile floor and new wallpaper. Adding windows, new exhaust vents, a bidet and luxury amenities like 360° showers are popularly part of upscale bathroom renovations.

Factors to Consider Before You Start a Bathroom Renovation

Not all bathroom renovations are the same. Moving bathroom fixtures will increase the cost of any renovation. This is why upgrading existing bathroom fixtures like replacing shower heads and toilets have a higher ROI than ripping out a bathtub and installing a whirlpool.

Before you install the currently popular pedestal sinks, remember the modern demand for counter space. If you will be removing countertops around a sink, ensure that there are tables or shelves nearby so that the new sink doesn’t create new headaches. And installing better storage options as part of a basic bathroom renovation could be the smarter choice over ripping it all out and hoping a new layout is improved over the old one. YMM Contracting Inc. knows how to maximize the comfort and convenience of your bathroom without breaking your budget.