Garage Development Options

What is Garage Development?

At a minimum, garage development involves adding sturdy shelving and permanent storage. It can include finishing the inside with molding around the windows and doors. Workbench areas are a popular garage development.

Garage development can involve adding heating and cooling to an attached garage or installing it in a detached garage. However, the type of garage renovation depends on your family’s needs, neighborhood standards and how you use the facilities.

What are the pros and cons of different types of garage development?

Turning a Garage into Living Space

Turning a garage into a specialized room, such as a music room, game room or similarly limited space will hurt you if you put the property up for sale – especially if you haven’t built new storage for yard equipment and other items elsewhere in the house. This is why garage development to add living space to a home should be accompanied by building a shed or similar storage space for what was kept in the garage. This goes for the car, too. If you take away an attached two car garage to develop into living space and now have to park the cars outside, a lot of potential buyers will be turned off.

If you are turning a garage into living space, make it multipurpose and usable year-round. Renovating a garage into a sunroom has a very low rate of return compared to turning it into a general living area or bedrooms.

The Mechanic’s Dream

Turning a garage into a hobby space has far less value to potential homebuyers than converting it into general purpose living space. This is true even if you turn the garage into a mechanic’s dream, complete with hoists, fancy built in tool organizers and storage and power equipment. It is a good idea to renovate the garage with hanging storage racks for bicycles and other rarely used items to free up space, but anything that takes up floor space for a specialized purpose has a lower return on investment – even if that purpose is a whole wall of the garage dedicated to fixing cars.

YMM Contracting Inc. can do this type of garage development, whether you want to set up a mechanic’s shop in your garage or redesign the current garage so that Dad’s tools don’t take up so much space the cars don’t fit in the garage.

Mud Room

If your children are continually tramping through the house with dirty shoes, your family could benefit from a mud room. This is a separate foyer or room that everyone passes through from the front door or garage. It can double as storage space for rain gear, hiking boots, camping gear and other items you really don’t want in the house. And unlike some other garage development projects, this project can improve quality of life without eliminating your ability to store one or two cars in the garage.

Laundry Room

Some houses put the washer and dryer in a nook off the kitchen. Some home builders put the washer and dryer in the basement. And a few put the washer and dryer in the garage. Depending on your home’s layout, enclosing the area where the washer and dryer are located and building storage for everything from linens to the ironing board could make that chore much more pleasant. For those who need additional space in the kitchen, building a laundry room in a corner of the garage frees up space in the home’s interior for relatively little money.

YMM Contracting Inc. can develop your garage so that it can serve more than one purpose or carve out a room so that it doesn’t feel like you’re going outside to use the washing machine.

Rental Suite

Given the large size of a garage, one often overlooked option is turning a garage into a rental suite. This is comparable to the work of converting a basement into a mortgage helper, but it offers more privacy since the other person is essentially next door instead of below you. Permitting for this type of garage development is similar to when you renovate your basement.

One often overlooked concern for this type of garage development is parking. Not only would converting the garage to a rental unit cost you the covered parking you have but increase demand for parking at the same time. Only consider this type of garage development if you’re going to install a carport at a minimum for protected parking. If you live in walking distance of public transit, though, this could be an economical way to put in a mortgage helper.

Other Options

Paving a gravel driveway has a roughly 90% return on investment. And upgrading the garage door to a brand new upscale garage door has a 100% ROI. Steel doors have the best return on investment of 102% due to their protective value, while fiberglass doors have a 72% ROI. Motorized garage doors have more appeal than anything that requires effort on the user’s part beyond pushing a button.

In contrast, building an upscale garage on a property that lacks one yields about a 55% return on investment. In some cases, a carport that protects the car could add value to the home for relatively little money. If you do want a new enclosed garage and may want to use it as a multifunctional space, it is cheaper to have it finished with walls and insulation now than a basic garage built and then finished later.