We offer services to residential and commercial customers.


  • At YMM Contracting, we pride ourselves on providing luxury renovations to exact client specifications with guidance provided by our experienced design professionals to ensure an outstanding result with long lasting value.
  • Bathroom renovations are designed to be practical and attractive. If you require an additional bathroom in your home or structure, we can offer many workable solutions.
  • For your kitchen, our company offers a variety of styles, materials and overall design recommendations to suit your needs and budget.
  • Basement renovations can add living space to your home and increase the value. At YMM Contracting, we specialize in adding value to your home in this space.   Everything from simple, practical family spaces to business spaces, legal suites and high end entertaining areas.
  • If your home or structure requires complete restoration or extensive remodeling, we offer replacement of existing windows and doors, the addition of new windows or doors, wall removal or restructuring, painting, flooring replacement, and ceiling resurfacing.
  • If your home is too small, we can help you design an extension that will add new rooms or make existing rooms larger to accommodate your family’s changing dynamics.
  • Our design specialists can offer many suggestions to meet your needs. All renovations include removal of all old material and clean up after the job is completed.


  • Extensive landscaping services that include overall design of the final layout provided by the experts working for YMM Contracting will enhance your outdoor living spaces and garden areas. We accommodate all styles and preferences including xeriscaping for the environmentally inclined client.
  • YMM Contracting provides durable and elegant decks, pergolas, benches, fire pits, garden beds and decorative trees. If you would like a water feature incorporated into the design, we have a range of options suitable for most spaces.
  • Our company offers full restorative services to existing structures (fencing repairs, driveway resurfacing, and paving stone corrections) or if preferable, removal of old structures to be replaced with new installations.
  • In order to facilitate drainage problem corrections, YMM Contracting offers grade alterations and corrections in relation to the existing structure’s footprint. This service includes the installation of weeping tiles if deemed necessary to further protect the integrity of your building envelope.

General Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

  • No project is too small. YMM Contracting offers caulking services and water proofing for exterior repairs (windows, doors, sunrooms, decks) and interior maintenance requirements (plumbing, faucets, showers, vents, windows, doors). We are able to identify and repair leakage problems anywhere in your home or structure and implement wet basement repairs.
  • We provide a full range of roofing repair options including full replacement of roofing materials and underlying structures. Evaluation of existing gutters, soffits and vents are included in this service and a full report with recommendations provided.
  • Time for new siding? YMM Contracting has many suggestions that will enhance the value of your home while providing the utmost durability for a long lasting, guaranteed result.  Repairs to existing siding with a meticulous eye to matching materials and colors can also be provided.
  • YMM Contracting can handle any of your paving or resurfacing requirements including correcting problems with existing structures and walkways.
  • Our company offers comprehensive demolition services to accommodate all circumstances.  The service includes the removal of debris and hazardous waste.

We also offer the following services:

Structural Integrity Evaluations

At YMM Contracting, we are experienced in conducting structural integrity evaluations. Before renovations or restoration can begin, an accurate report of the state of the existing structure will be provided.

This report will guide the rehabilitation requirements and recommendations. Once a course of action has been agreed to, our company will provide the client with a comprehensive estimate of costs and estimated time to complete the project.

New Home Builds

New builds include detailed designer recommendations and from start to finish planning and implementation. We can build you the house you have always envisioned for yourself and your family.

Working closely together with our clients, our results have been exemplary. We guarantee full satisfaction.


Utilizing the most up to date methods currently recommended to ensure safe results, YMM Contracting offers full remediation services for mold problems, restorations from fire and water damages, flood damage restoration, asbestos and lead abatement.

If required, full site remediation with environmental assessments can be provided.

Out Buildings and Garages

YMM Contracting will build your desired attached or detached garage to your specifications and offer design recommendations to maximize your satisfaction with the end result. Our company provides full implementation of the build from the foundation to completion.

Design plans for other required outbuildings are also available.